It’s been quiet here at G.M. Russell Photography all year. Originally, I had plans to purchase a tent and enter various art fairs around Michigan. I was excited about the opportunity to expand this business beyond what it is now. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to those plans. With state-wide lock-down orders from March 23 to June 1st, I’ve been staying at home as required. As of June 1st, the lock-down is lifted–but the pandemic continues. I’m going to continue to socially-distance as much as possible, which means I’ll be conducting minimal photo excursions throughout the year. In other words, 2020 is the year of the hiatus.

I am no longer offering in-person mentoring sessions until I feel that it’s safe to do so. However, virtual mentoring sessions are available upon request. Prints (including signed prints) are still available, and will be shipped from a location which has been sanitized. While the business is in hibernation mode during the pandemic, I’m working on some new content updates to publish here–that will be coming soon. I’ve scrubbed all previously-published content here, in an effort to function as something akin to a “soft reboot” of the website. 

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Hi, my name is Greg. I'm the founder/owner/photographer here. I specialize in landscape photography, and love discussing the subject.

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