Starting a YouTube channel is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I decided to record a photo edit from start-to-finish, using just Adobe Lightroom. It’s a basic tutorial; there aren’t advanced techniques. But for beginners, this would be a great place to start. For advanced users, hey, you never know–you might still get something out of it. This initial edit focuses on a wildlife shot, but I intend to do future tutorials for landscapes and other nature shots as well. The techniques in this tutorial can be applied on landscape, nature, or other photos. They aren’t exclusive to wildlife photos.

The photo is a throw-away; while doing some portraits at a local beach, I took a photo of a near-by seagull. Since it was a basic image that wouldn’t require a lot of post-processing to finish, it seemed like a good image to start with. After editing the photo, I do like how the final version looks. The shot was taken a bit prior to sunset, so there’s a bit of golden hour light cast on the Seagull. Straight out of camera, it’s hard to tell–but the edit pulls it out. Click here to see the video! Below is a before-and-after slider showing how the edit looks. The before photo is the straight-out-of-camera version, and the edited photo is with the Lightroom edits applied.

I’m going to initially plan on uploading once a week to the channel, aiming for Wednesdays. As I get experience recording, editing, and processing videos, I’ll look into adding content more frequently. In addition to Lightroom editing tutorials, I intend to upload editing tutorials for Photoshop, and general photography-related videos. In the mean-time, as a small channel, any traffic helps! If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe. And if there are any questions, ask them in the comments below the video! Thanks for watching. You can also contact me through my contact page, visit my portfolio, or check out my available prints. Thanks for reading, and thanks for watching!

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