I’ve had an interest in astrophotography for a long time. But, I have a full-time job. It’s tough to find time between shifts to stay out late enough to get those shots, and it’s tougher to stay awake late enough to get them. There’s a lot of light pollution in the Grand Rapids area, and in the lower peninsula. So I also have to travel a ways to areas where there isn’t as much light pollution. 

I made a video for YouTube where I take the viewer along with me on an astrophotography trip to the Big Sable Point Lighthouse. Speaking of light pollution, watch the video towards the end. I didn’t realize that there were some night lights around the lighthouse, which had a huge impact on the end-result. But I think it’s a good demonstration of how much light can impact an image when you’re shooting for 15 seconds at night.

Interested? Click here to check it out!



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