Tahquamenon Falls

This past week, I took a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to photograph waterfalls. The first location on my list was somewhere I’ve been before: Tahquamenon Falls. Located outside Paradise–literally, Paradise is a city in Michigan–Tahquamenon has an upper falls and five smaller falls. I’d love to have photographed more, but due to time constraints, I stuck with the upper falls. I shot at sunset, camped near-by, and photographed again at sunrise.

I scouted out locations prior to shooting, so I’d know where I wanted to set up my tripod. The first location I chose was down a long set of stairs, and at the end of a boardwalk. I intended to use my 100-400, until I realized my mistake: I didn’t bring an appropriate sized ring for my filter system. So, I ended up switching to my usual lens: the Tamron 24-70 2.8 SP. I set up my tripod, attached the filter system, and slotted in a 10-stop neutral density filter.

The first shot, taken toward the beginning of the sunset, was a 10-second exposure. It ended up looking like this:

The second shot, taken more toward the end of the sunset, was a 3 minute and 25 second exposure. It ended up looking like this:

It’s amazing how much lighting can change an image, isn’t it? Granted, the second shot was a much longer exposure. But the colors are–in my opinion–so much more beautiful than the first. I don’t mean to imply that the first shot isn’t appealing; I like it. It’s just, of the two, this is my favorite.

Having taken these images–and, let’s be honest, many more–I packed up and made for camp. After what was perhaps the worst sleep I’ve ever had, I woke before sunset to head out to another location. Again, this had already been scouted the night prior. This time, I headed to a different set of stairs and a different boardwalk. This one was closer to the falls, and also quite a bit higher off the ground. I started taking images at the blue hour, and continued through sunrise.

Here’s one image from earlier in the sunrise–it’s a 30-second exposure:

And a second, from later in the sunrise–also a 30-second exposure:

I did come out from the shoot with a couple more images that I consider keepers, but haven’t finished processing everything yet. I wanted to write this entry to “reboot” my blog, which has been dormant for far too long. With this entry, I intend to continue to update this blog regularly.

Please feel free to re-visit this blog frequently. In addition to behind-the-scenes posts and travel blogs, I also intend to write up tutorials and more. Thanks for reading!

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