In this section, I intend to include numerous exposures taken during photography sessions around Michigan and other areas. In the gallery, I intend to include perhaps one or two examples of these sessions. In other words, this section will serve as an expansion of what’s posted in the gallery. Depending on the session, I may also include some in-depth commentary on locales and concepts. I might also post the occasional video or two, but that has yet to be decided.

Unfortunately, due to overtime at work which I anticipate to run through 3/31/2016, this section will not be as active as I’d like. Once my overtime has concluded, I hope to make updating this section a more regular occurrence. As a teaser of what I’m planning for this section, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the above image. Originally, this image was captured horizontally at 5984 x 3979. In my haste to capture the sunset while the colors were just right, I took a lot of horizontal exposures, but not a single vertical exposure. While working on the image in post-processing, I decided to crop the image to vertical. Included below is a thumbnail which links to the full-size, original horizontal exposure that was edited into the cropped vertical image. All of the images below have been converted from RAW (NEF) to JPEG for display on this website.

Below is the original shot, as it looked in Lightroom after post-processing.


I took a look in Lightroom at the original RAW file while writing this, and made a special crop just for this post–16×9. I don’t feel the need to have that resolution for any artistic purpose, but I think it’s interesting to include a still image to see how a video could have looked, had I recorded one that evening. As is the case with the above image, the thumbnail links to the full size image.

16x9 crop

As this is my first blog post, it may not be indicative of how subsequent posts will be structured and written. It’s essentially a proof-of-concept for a future section, which–as mentioned above–will become more active after 3/31/2016. Please be advised that these links to full-size images are quite large, and are best viewed on a large monitor. In addition, I’m aware that the full-size JPEG files are capable of being right-clicked and downloaded. I don’t mind someone using these images on their personal computer as their desktop background, but please do not use these images for anything else. They are not licensed for redistribution, resale, or physical printing on paper, canvas, etcetera.

If you are interested in obtaining a license to use these photos, please contact me through my contact page. Although I’m not currently selling prints, I do intend to in the future.

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