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4/8/21 – Cloudy and Dramatic Skies

Hey everyone. This morning, I went to an area in Grand Rapids where I knew I’d be able to shoot the skyline. For the past couple days, I’ve been checking The Photographer’s Ephemeris (using the SkyFire add-on) to check how the sunrise is likely going to look. Today appeared promising, so I got my gear and went outside.… Read More »

2021 – YouTube relaunch

Hello, all. Our YouTube channel has been dormant for a long two years, and I’ve been meaning to get it going again. The pandemic ruined my plans for 2020, and I decided to take a hiatus from photography until the world started to get back to normal again. I should’ve seen that as an opportunity to get the… Read More »

2020 Updates

It’s been quiet here at G.M. Russell Photography all year. Originally, I had plans to purchase a tent and enter various art fairs around Michigan. I was excited about the opportunity to expand this business beyond what it is now. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to those plans. With state-wide lock-down orders from March 23… Read More »