A Review of Squarespace: Is It Worth It?

I’ve come across a lot of sponsored advertisements for Squarespace on YouTube. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to suppose that most people who come across this post have also seen them. At times, it seems like Squarespace must sponsor almost everyone on YouTube. It’s a familiar sight: a creator suspends their content to bring us a Squarespace ad, and tells us how great Squarespace is. Often, the creator tells us how they created their own website using Squarespace–and informs us that it was a simple task to create one.

The obvious elephant in the room here is that these creators are being paid by Squarespace to create these advertisements for us. It’s hard to present an unbiased view when you’re being paid by someone to discuss their services. Is it a coincidence that none of these advertisements discuss the cost of doing business with Squarespace? Is it a coincidence that none of these advertisements mention that Squarespace has some features locked behind additional subscriptions? Of course it isn’t.

I’ll be honest: there is a decent amount of truth to these advertisements. Squarespace is easy to use, and someone who isn’t familiar with web design can easily create their own website with Squarespace. It only took me 31 minutes to design one when I decided to use a free trial to evaluate Squarespace’s services. But, is that it? Are these creators presenting fair opinions, and is Squarespace the best option for you? Or are these ads misleading, perhaps due to bias from the paid sponsorship? Well, the honest answer is that the truth is somewhere in-between. I made a video discussing this.

As a small content creator, I don’t get paid from the media that I generate and upload to YouTube. That means that the proceeds from any advertisements run on my channel go directly to YouTube, in full. If you enjoy the content that I make, feel free to consider liking and commenting on videos, and subscribing to the channel. As I understand it, each little bit helps this channel to get recommended by the algorithm.

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